Russian preparing first mobilisation in occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region, British intelligence says
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Russian preparing first mobilisation in occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region, British intelligence says

UK Ministry of Defence

British intelligence has analysed the Russian Federation's intentions to conduct a military draft in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region.

Why is Russia preparing to mobilise in the Zaporizhzhia region

As it was recalled in intelligence, the Gauleiter of the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region signed a "decree" on the preparation of the necessary infrastructure and measures for carrying out conscription for military service in the occupied areas.

This is the first draft that Russia will hold under occupation.

The British Ministry of Defence believes the draft should satisfy the need for Russian troops to have additional forces. However, the draft will be limited, as some residents left the occupation.

For example, in Melitopol, only 40% of the pre-war population remains, and half of them are ethnic Russians who are offered jobs in the city.

This decree is also part of a wider campaign by the Russian authorities in the temporarily occupied territories, aimed at forcing the population to accept Russian rule, according to intelligence.

Also, the draft is a way to check whether the residents of the occupied territories have Russian passports and whether they voted in the "elections" of the president of the Russian Federation.

UK intelligence predicts a significant increase in the Russian army's losses in Ukraine.

Intelligence analysts of the British Ministry of Defence note that the average loss of the criminal army of the Russian Federation in Ukraine during April amounted to 899 people per day.

It is likely that in the next two months, the number of Russian casualties will increase again as targeted offensive operations in eastern Ukraine resume. This will happen after a slight decrease in the pace of operations in the last two months after the fall of Avdiivka, the publication notes.

British intelligence emphasises that the total losses since the start of the Kremlin's criminal war against Ukraine already amount to 465,000 people.

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