Finland is ready to revise legislation to strengthen border protection with Russia
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Finland is ready to revise legislation to strengthen border protection with Russia

Source:  Yle

Finland will ensure the security of borders with Russia within the framework of the law. However, the legislation is ready to be reviewed. 

Finland is ready to revise the legislation to strengthen border protection with Russia

During the meeting of the Council of Party Delegates of the Coalition Party in Helsinki Orpo stated that 20 people illegally crossed the country's eastern border this week. He emphasised that the situation has worsened.

The border is currently closed, but the impact of illegal crossings continues. The government will guarantee the security of the border under any circumstances, the Prime Minister noted.

According to him, the government is ready for Russia to continue its attempts to influence the situation, in connection with which Finland will, if necessary, take additional security measures.

We will use all the means that exist within the framework of the law, but we are also ready to review the existing legislation, the prime minister emphasised and added that the situation with security at the border is good at the moment.

He noted that there is physical control on the border, and a fence has been built at critical points. In particular, even more fences will be installed in the spring.

Closure of Finland's border with Russia

On November 30, the Finnish authorities decided to close all checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation. This happened against the background of a huge number of illegal migrants who wanted to enter Finland from the territory of Russia.

As Orpo noted earlier, the authorities are closely monitoring the situation at the border and may extend its closure.

On December 13, the government revised its decision and resumed the work of two checkpoints. But within a few days the border had to be closed again due to a new wave of migrants.

On January 11, it became known that the Finnish government decided to extend the closure of the borders with Russia for another month. Previously, the borders will be closed until February 11.

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