A Korean company considers Ukraine as a potential buyer of armored vehicles
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A Korean company considers Ukraine as a potential buyer of armored vehicles

South Korea
Source:  Defense News

The South Korean company Hyundai Rotem has announced its intention to build a plant in Poland that will specialize in producing N-WAV 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles based on the outdated K808.

Can Ukraine get armored vehicles from South Korea

It is assumed that the first buyer of such BMPs will be the Armed Forces of Poland, but in the future, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also be considered customers. It is estimated that Ukraine will need many new armored vehicles after the war ends.

It is emphasized that the main advantage of the South Korean N-WAV 8x8 from Hyundai Rotem should be the modularity of the design and armament. For example, this BBM is currently offered in a version with a "classic" diesel engine. Still, at the same time, development is already underway for a version with a hydrogen engine.

N-WAV is also offered as a standard. It assumes that this armoured vehicle will be equipped with a specially designed Northrop Grumman Mk30 Bushmaster II combat module. Still, in the version for the Polish army, this BBM can be fitted with a remotely controlled ZSSW-30 module of Polish production.

South Korea will provide Ukraine with demining machines

South Korea will provide Ukraine with K600 Rhino mine-clearing machines.

The Rhino is an indigenous minesweeper that either clears the rear or clears paths through a minefield on the front line.

Recently, the government decided to send two minesweepers to Ukraine as soon as possible in addition to the previously delivered batch of old minesweepers, a government source said.

He clarified that this decision was made given President Yoon Seok-Yeol's promises to support Kyiv.

Seoul decided following a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the two sides appeared to have signed an arms deal.

However, given Russia's reaction, the Korean government will ask Ukraine to use vehicles only for humanitarian operations.

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