A French Putin's agent spreads anti-Ukrainian narratives at Kremlin's behest
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A French Putin's agent spreads anti-Ukrainian narratives at Kremlin's behest

Center for Countering Disinformation of Ukraine
Laurent Brayard

French journalist Laurent Brayard is actively spreading one of the central narratives of Kremlin propaganda about Ukraine as a "Nazi state".

Journalist Briar spreads Russian propaganda against Ukraine

The Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) reported that French journalist Laurent Brayard is called by French media a "Putin's agent" and a "lobbyist for Putin's L/DPR formations." He has been systematically conducting his anti-Ukrainian information activities for a long time.

Bryar published a book, "Ukraine, the Kingdom of Disinformation", in 2015.

In addition, he is a frequent guest of TV broadcasts on Russian resources, where he spreads fakes about "atrocities of Nazi battalions", "SSU secret prisons" and "foreign mercenaries" who are allegedly fighting in Ukraine, informs CCD.

In addition, Bryar repeatedly visited the occupied territory of the Donetsk region and made reports with disinformation about military operations and the lives of people under occupation.

Russia launched information operation "Perun"

As part of this operation, Russia plans to involve foreign journalists, media persons and bloggers to justify aggression against Ukraine and to cover the situation around Ukraine from positions favourable to the Kremlin.

Earlier, CCD reported on the American journalist Fiorella Isabel. Propaganda media call her an American journalist, but she does not hide that she works for the RT channel.

In social networks, Isabel covers events in the world, in particular in Ukraine and the Middle East, in the light of Kremlin propaganda.

She became a "star" of the Russian propaganda media in 2023 when she started her activities at TOT. At the same time, she spread Kremlin propaganda narratives about the war as "the struggle of the Russian Federation against world evil". She promoted the thesis about the "US hand" in the actions of the Ukrainian government.

Also earlier, the American host Tucker Carlson conducted his first interview as a Western journalist with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tucker Carlson is an American journalist known for his active pro-Russian position.

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