A new gas deposit with record indicators was found in the Carpathians
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A new gas deposit with record indicators was found in the Carpathians


In the Carpathians, a new gas deposit was found in one of the exhausted fields. It is the largest in the region in the last 20 years.

Naftogaz reports about the new gas field

The Naftogaz group reported that a new gas deposit was found during preliminary exploration of one of the previously exhausted fields in the Carpathians.

The well at a depth of 1,600 m yielded more than 200,000 m3 of gas per day and set a production record in the region over the past 20 years!

The company added that the finding results from the coordinated work of professionals, seismic 3D research, and modern drilling technologies.

The well for drilling, by the way, was also installed in record time. We are doing everything possible and impossible to increase the production of Ukrainian gas!

What is known about the new deposit

Naftogaz reported that the deposit was discovered in the Mesozoic gas-bearing complex of the Carpathians.

A team of specialists of BU "Ukrburgaz" drilled a new well with a depth of 1,600 m for the purpose of further exploration of the depleted field. Record gas production rates were achieved thanks to the use of modern technologies, in particular, the "Ivan Bohun" drilling rig.

According to the company, the well for drilling was laid based on the results of the interpretation of new data from previously conducted seismic 3D surveys.

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