A threat to national security. Venislavskyy sharply responded to Bezugla's calls for Zaluzhnyy's resignation
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A threat to national security. Venislavskyy sharply responded to Bezugla's calls for Zaluzhnyy's resignation

Fedir Venislavskyy
Source:  Radio NV

MP from the "Servant of the People", representative of the president in the Verkhovna Rada, and member of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on national security, defense and intelligence, Fedir Venislavskyy, responded to the criticisms of his colleague from the fraction and the committee, Mariana Bezugla. The day before, she said that the military leadership does not have a war plan for 2024, so it should resign.

Venislavskyy's response to Bezugla's statement

Venislavskyy believes that "uttering in the conditions of war can have extremely negative consequences, especially considering the sensitive issues for the security and defense of the state, which the committee considers."

Therefore, I believe that such activity, such behavior of Ms. Bezugla is unacceptable. Therefore, her stay in the committee can pose a real threat to national security, MP said.

Halyna Yanchenko, deputy head of the Servant of the People (SoP) parliamentary fraction, commented to NV media that Bezugla's "inappropriate" posts caused anger among SoP deputies.

She added that Bezugla's position does not coincide with the party's position.

What did Bezugla say about Zaluzhnyy

In her post on Facebook on November 26, MP wrote that AFU Commander-in-Chief Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyy failed to provide a plan for 2024.

The military was simply told that they should take at least 20,000 citizens a month.

According to her, this problem grew even in the summer, both during the meetings of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and in Parliament when planning the budget for 2024.

We asked what to plan for? How do you see war? Why create a brigade, and not supplement the existing ones? How much will the brigade, the new brigade, cost? These are still new headquarters, what about combat units? Should we lay down funds for rotation and demobilization? What about learning? What about rotations? Why is the purchase of turnstiles not planned at all in 2024, for example? Do you understand that one dead person costs the state 15 million hryvnias, and a CAT type tourniquet costs 10,000 times less? Apart from the tragedy of death as such.

She added that this discussion was allegedly not public, but "tensions were building, and now the situation is such that if the military leadership cannot provide any plan for 2024, and all their proposals for mobilization are reduced to the fact that more people are needed without any proposal from changes in the Armed Forces system, then such leadership must leave."

Bezugla's post caused a heated discussion. The head of the public organization Democratic Axe and military officer Yuriy Gudymenko called Bezugla's statement a "crime" and promised to contact the SSU.

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