A Ukrainian woman died due to rough treatment by Russia's border guards
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A Ukrainian woman died due to rough treatment by Russia's border guards

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Source:  online.ua

An elderly Ukrainian woman died near the only functioning border checkpoint between the aggressor country of the Russian Federation and Ukraine due to rough treatment by Russian border guards.

What is known about Ukrainian woman's death due to the actions of Russian border guards

According to information from the Pepel Telegram channel, the incident took place in the second half of January on the neutral territory between the "Kolotylivka" checkpoint (Russian Belhorod region) and the "Pokrovka" checkpoint (Ukrainian Sumy region).

An elderly Ukrainian woman, who was rudely spoken to by Russian border guards, became ill during the crossing. She was found unconscious in the neutral zone by a guy who was following her through the humanitarian corridor. While he tried to bring her back to consciousness, she died, the publication notes.

At the same time, it is noted that neither Ukrainian nor Russian border guards have the right to enter the territory of the neutral zone.

Because of this, the man who discovered the dead woman's body had to be dragged to the Ukrainian checkpoint.

The photo, probably taken by an eyewitness, shows a woman wearing dark outerwear and a light headdress. A Ukrainian woman lies across a path, trampled in the snow. Next to her is a bag with her belongings.

What is known about the female volunteer detention in Russia because she supports Ukraine

A girl volunteer who helped Ukrainian citizens to return home from Russia was arrested in Russian Belgorod. 

According to the information centre "Popil", Nadezhda Rossinskaya was arrested on charges of public calls to carry out activities against the security of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation.

Rossinska headed a public organisation that helped Ukrainian citizens return from the Russian Federation.

The transition was done through the only operational checkpoint on the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in Kolotylivka.

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