AFU confirms the hit of Russia's occupiers' air defence radar in Crimea
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AFU confirms the hit of Russia's occupiers' air defence radar in Crimea

AFU StratCom

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Defense Forces of Ukraine hit the radar station of the air defense system of the Russian army. The enemy military object is located near the village of Rozdolne.

The Air Force targeted the Russian anti-aircraft warfare radar in Rosdolne

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully operated on the radar station of the Russian Army in occupied Crimea.

The Strategic Communications Department of the AFU General Staff reported this in Telegram.

The military said it had struck successfully this morning, January 30.

The message states that as a result of the combat operations of the Armed Forces, the radar station of the Russian air defence system was "successfully hit" near the village of Rozdolne in occupied Crimea.

What is known about the new drone attack in the Russian Federation

The occupiers claim that on the night of January 30, Russian air defence forces allegedly repelled a mass drone attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that 21 drones were allegedly shot down, including 11 over Crimea, five over Belgorod Oblast, three over Bryansk, and one each over Kaluga and Tula Oblasts.

The governor of the Kaluga region, Vladyslav Shapsha, reported that the drone's wreckage fell on the roof of a non-residential building on the outskirts of Kaluga.

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