Explosion in occupied Donetsk — video
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Explosion in occupied Donetsk — video

Source:  online.ua

An explosion occurred in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. Two drones had previously flown over the city.

What is known about the explosion in Donetsk

According to information from locals, two drones were circling in the sky above the city before the explosion.

Later, the Russian air defence system worked, but there was also a explosion, according to local residents.

In the video, you can hear the sounds of the explosion.

So far, Ukrainian officials or the military leadership have not commented on the situation.

What is known about the large-scale fire at the fuel storage facility of the Russian ocupation forces in Donetsk

In Russian-occupied Donetsk, a large-scale fire broke out in the Budyonovskiy district, where Russian army fuel tanks caught fire.

According to local Telegram channels with reference to numerous published photos and videos, the fire broke out in a fuel storage facility.

It is reported that the fire engulfed several tanks at once.

According to local residents, the fire was allegedly caused by a hit as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A large fire in Budyonovskiy district of Donetsk. The fire was allegedly caused by an artillery shell. There is no official information on what exactly caused the fire," local media reported.

According to information from a number of local resources, the fire is burning in the Budenniv district of the city near the Mushketove railway station.

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