ATESH partisans disclose Russian tanks' transfer routes in occupied Crimea: details
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ATESH partisans disclose Russian tanks' transfer routes in occupied Crimea: details

Source:  ATESH

Partisans recorded the overturning of dozens of tanks on the Crimean highways. They also managed to find out about the route in advance.

What did the partisans find out about the Russian equipment transfer to Crimea?

The Parisians note they are talking about overturning several dozen T-62M tanks with transport tractors.

We follow them from unloading at the railway station of one of the Crimean cities to the final stop. We will not be able to provide more detailed information for the sake of a successful operation, inform the partisans, promising to make the necessary efforts so that the tanks do not reach the front.

At the same time, "ATESH" emphasises that monitoring overturning at night is much more difficult.

Russian equipment in Crimea

Earlier, the partisans reported deploying Russian S-400 air defence systems and a radar station in the Saksky district.

It is important to monitor him after their work on the AFU air targets and fix the new location. "ATESH" will deal with this, the message says.

Before this, ATESH agents carried out a survey of fortifications on the shore of the Black Sea near Mykolaivka in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Fortifications along the entire line consist of artillery in trenches and tanks hidden under canopies. There were almost no soldiers or officers, which helped us to record everything in detail and promptly hand it over to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Partisans noted that the absence of soldiers on combat duty along the coastal defence line is explained by the mass transfer of personnel to the hottest areas near Avdiivka, Vugledar, Robotyne, etc.

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