ATESH recorded in Mariupol hundreds of burned Russian vehicles and tanks from Avdiivka
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ATESH recorded in Mariupol hundreds of burned Russian vehicles and tanks from Avdiivka

Russian machinery
Source:  ATESH

The Crimean Tatar resistance movement ATESH monitors the movements of the equipment of the Russian invaders and discovered convoys of destroyed combat vehicles that are being taken to Mariupol for disposal.

The occupiers transferred the equipment burned in the battles near Avdiivka to Mariupol

ATESH records the transfer of hundreds of units of damaged equipment of the Russian army from Avdiivka to Mariupol.

Partisans wrote about this in Telegram.

All day long, our agents observed an endless stream of convoys of transport tractors, which were probably taking burnt equipment from Avdiivka to be disposed of somewhere in Mariupol. The convoys were accompanied by civilian vehicles (FSB of Russia). There were ZIL lorries, KAMAZ trucks, APVs, armoured personnel vehicles and tanks on the tractors.

The members of the ATESH Resistance Movement counted about five hundred pieces of burnt equipment.

One can only guess how many combat vehicles are left in the city and in the fields near Avdiivka. Judging by the arrival of such a pile of scrap metal, we note simply terrible losses of all the forces of the Russian army during the assault, which was characterised by a breakthrough "by meat and metal".

ATESH assured that they continue their work in the entire temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

We invite everyone to join our organization who can somehow help the common cause — the liberation of Ukrainian territory from invaders!

ATESH reported on the arrival of the Wagnerites to the Crimea

Partisans noticed on February 19 among the newly arrived Russian military markings of the "Wagner Group".

Military personnel from the "Druid" combat medic unit, 80 separate arctic brigades, military vehicles from the Arkhangelsk region and representatives of the Republic of Komi were identified, the Crimean resistance movement notes.

As the partisans emphasise, Dzhankoy became an actual logistic centre of the occupiers and a bridgehead for the offensive on free Ukrainian territories.

Fortunately, our agents continue to work, as a result of which we already have a number of productive arrivals. But real success is yet to come! — assured in "ATESH".

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