Biden's rating in the US has fallen sharply: explanation
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Biden's rating in the US has fallen sharply: explanation

Joe Biden
Source:  NBC News

The approval rating of the chief of the White House, Joe Biden, has fallen to 40%, which is the lowest level for the entire time of his presidency. As the journalists managed to find out, this happened against the background of Americans' dissatisfaction with his policies and actions regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

What is happening to Biden's rating

According to a national poll by NBC News, the decline in support for the incumbent US leader is most noticeable among Democrats.

The latter complain that Israel uses too harsh methods during the war with Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Voters aged 18 to 34, who are also dissatisfied with how events are developing in the Middle East, disapprove of the US president's approach.

According to Democratic sociologist Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, the current White House leader is at a unique low point in his presidency.

And all because the voters do not support his foreign policy decisions and actions.

Trump has a chance to beat Biden in the presidential race

The poll also found that only a third of all voters support Biden's foreign policy.

It is worth paying attention to because it is 8 points less than in September.

62% of voters, including 30% of Democrats, said they disapproved of the president's foreign policy. Only 34% of all voters approve of Biden's handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

What's more, it turned out that the incumbent US leader is trailing former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election matchup. However, his trailing is within the margin of error.

What is essential to understand is that 46% of registered voters support Trump, and 44% support Biden.

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