Denmark and Ukraine conclude an agreement on security guarantees for 10 years
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Denmark and Ukraine conclude an agreement on security guarantees for 10 years

Government of Denmark

Denmark concluded an agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine for the next 10 years. It became the first of the Scandinavian countries and the fourth of Ukraine's allies to do so.

Denmark signed an agreement on security obligations to Ukraine

The Danish government says the countries have signed a ten-year agreement on security commitments.

Denmark's security commitments are based on Denmark's strong position on F-16 fighter jets, the reconstruction of Mykolaiv and the reform work in Ukraine.

The Danish Fund for Ukraine will support the new security commitments currently funded until 2028. Now, the fund for Ukraine is 69.1 billion Danish kroner ($10.2 billion).

According to the agreement, Denmark will help support Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian invasion.

The security pledge concerns, among other things, the continued donation of military equipment and training, but it also involves much closer cooperation between Denmark and Ukraine, which is in cyber security and intelligence, Danish MOD chief Troels Lund Poulsen said.

In the long term, security cooperation will help deter future Russian attacks, among other things, by strengthening the resilience of Ukrainian society.

For its part, Ukraine has implemented the necessary reforms that promote democracy, the fight against corruption, and democratic control over the armed forces.

Agreements on security guarantees for Ukraine: what is known

The security commitment to Ukraine is an initiative of the G7 countries: Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Germany and the USA.

Currently, the initiative is supported by 32 countries and the EU.

Ukraine has already signed relevant agreements with Germany, France and Great Britain. An agreement with the Netherlands is planned.

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