EU starts a judicial process against Hungary: details
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EU starts a judicial process against Hungary: details

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On February 7, official Brussels launched legal proceedings against Hungary over its so-called scandalous "sovereignty protection" law.

The conflict between the EU and Hungary continues to escalate

What is essential to understand is that the Hungarian law "on the protection of sovereignty" is aimed at intimidating independent media and public organizations.

The European Union authorities have repeatedly warned Viktor Orban's team that they will be forced to resort to harsh measures against Budapest if this document is not withdrawn.

However, the country's authorities continue to ignore the calls and demands of the EU.

That is why, on February 7, the European Commission decided to send a letter to Hungary officially with a final warning officially.

It is the first step that could lead to a potential lawsuit.

The EC leadership points out to Orbán's team that the scandalous law violates many fundamental EU values, including democracy, the right to a fair trial, data protection, and internal market rules.

By the way, official Washington is also worried about Budapest's decision to adopt a new law, which provides for the creation of the so-called "administration for the protection of sovereignty".

What is happening in Hungary

A few days ago, a new Protection of Sovereignty Agency, headed by an ex-pro-government media expert, started work in Hungary.

Against this background, the Hungarian forint currency fell 0.6% against the euro to the weakest level in the last week.

What is important to understand is that the country's public organizations have repeatedly opposed the law, calling it the kind that allows the Hungarian authorities to actually prosecute anyone for dissent.

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