The Ukrainian special services in Russia eliminated Ex-MP Kiva: sources
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The Ukrainian special services in Russia eliminated Ex-MP Kiva: sources

Ilya Kiva

On December 6, the traitor Ilya Kiva, who was an MP from the pro-Russian OP-FL party (Opposition Platform — For Life — Ed.), was found dead in the village of Suponevo near Moscow. Sources reported that the odious collaborator was killed with small arms by SSU special forces.

Kiva was found dead

Former Ukrainian MP from "OP-FL" Ilya Kiva was found dead. His body was discovered in the Moscow region.

The Russian propagandistic media reported this on December 6. There are currently no other details.

The body of ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva was discovered in the suburbs of Moscow, according to sources, the report says.

No photos or other evidence have been released at this time. There are also no official reports regarding the death of Kiva.

At the same time, the Telegram channel "112" also reported the death of the scandalous fugitive and former MP. It is noted that Kiva's body was found in a cottage village near Moscow in Odintsovo. Investigators are allegedly working on the spot and are investigating all the circumstances.

The Russian propaganda channel RIA also published information about the death of a fugitive ex-deputy, referring to emergency services. They specified that the body was found in the village of Suponevo.

The body, probably of a former Verkhovna Rada MP of the Kyva, was found in the village of Suponevo, Odintsovo district near Moscow, emergency services informed RIA "Novosti", the report said.

The publication "Ukrainian Pravda" refers to sources in law enforcement agencies and reports that Ilya Kiva was eliminated by special forces of the SSU with small arms.

So far, the SSU has not commented on this event.

What is known about Kiva

Ilya Kiva is a pro-Russian former member of the Ukrainian parliament. He repeatedly made scandalous statements, including calling Ukrainians "beggars" and blaming the United States for all its troubles.

In March 2022, the odious MP was declared an internationally wanted man.

This year, the court found Ilya Kiva guilty of treason and other crimes. He received 14 years of imprisonment in absentia with confiscation of property.

Since the former official is hiding in the territory of Russia, he left there even before the full-scale invasion of the Russians — it is still impossible to apply the sentence.

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