Russia began lesser use of Lancet combat drones attacks on Ukraine
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Russia began lesser use of Lancet combat drones attacks on Ukraine

Source:  Forbes

Probably, after the big explosion on August 9, 2023, the production of Russian Lancet drones fell at the "Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant".

Russians began lesser use of Lancet drones

The publication Forbes calculated the use of the Russians' use of "Lancet" kamikaze drones in 2023 and came to the conclusion of a drop in their production, which may be related to the explosion on the territory of the "Zagorsky Optical and Mechanical Plant" in Sergiev Posad near Moscow on August 9 of last year.

According to the publication, the Russians used 126 Lancets in August, and already in December of last year, the number of kamikaze drone strikes dropped to 59.

Instead of growing, Lancet production was cut. Something happened in August that prevented ZALA (ZALA Aero Group — a Russian company specialising in the UAV development — ed.) from turning the Lancet body into finished products, the publication notes.

The publication notes that "Lancet" consists of imported components, including the engine and on-board electronics. The only elements the Russians make themselves are the airframes, power supply and cameras.

It is indicated that the explosion at the "Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant" could have interrupted the supply of cameras for kamikaze drones.

"Lancet" is one of the enemy's central combat drones at the front against Ukrainian armoured vehicles, air defence systems, radars, and mo, just like other ZALA AERO products.

A big explosion in the suburbs of Moscow

On August 9, an explosion occurred on the "Zagorsky Optical and Mechanical Plant" territory in Sergiev Posad in the suburbs of Moscow. A strong blast wave knocked out windows in nearby buildings. As a result of the explosion, 43 people were injured, four buildings were utterly destroyed, and another 20 were damaged.

The local authorities said that the place of detonation was a warehouse of pyrotechnics in the premises rented by the company "Piro-Ross" at the plant.

However, the company's director, Serhii Chankaev, denied this information, stating that the explosion did not occur in the pyrotechnics depot. Still, there were no combustible materials in a nearby warehouse where metal pipes were stored.

Also, the Russian publication "Agentstvo" wrote that the "Zagorsky Optical and Mechanical Plant" in the suburbs of Moscow, where the explosion occurred on August 9, participated in the development of a new generation "stealth" bomber.

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