Hungarian farmers again gather for a protest at Ukraine's border
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Hungarian farmers again gather for a protest at Ukraine's border

Source:  Telex

On February 9, Hungarian farmers will protest on Ukraine's border in Zahony. They oppose the continuation of the preferential trade regime with Ukraine by the European Union.

Protests of Hungarian farmers

The head of the Association of Hungarian Farmer's Unions (Magosz), Istvan Jakab, said that Hungarian farmers must compete with products whose production does not have to meet EU requirements.

Hungarian farmers support the Hungarian government, which also protects our interests from Brussels, Magosz wrote in a statement.

After the European Commission did not extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain last year, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia did so independently.

According to Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy, Brussels plans to continue preferential trade with Ukraine until June 202” "without offering any solution to the problems of importing Ukrainian grain.

It is clear that in the current situation, Hungarian farmers can still rely only on the government, so Hungary will maintain the national ban on the import of products from Ukraine until an equivalent international solution is found, he wrote on his Facebook page.

Polish farmers are preparing a new protest

From February 9 to March 10, Polish farmers will block all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine and roads and highways throughout the country.

The initiator was the "Solidarity” independent farmer trade union, declaring that "their patience has run out" and that the position of Brussels is unacceptable for the entire agricultural community.

On November 6, 2023, Polish truckers started strikes on the Ukrainian border. They expired on January 17, 2024, when the Polish government signed an agreement with the carriers.

As part of the agreement, the parties agreed to suspend protests at the entrances to three checkpoints on the border until March 1.

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