ISW analysts say Ukraine has discovered another Achilles heel of Russia
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ISW analysts say Ukraine has discovered another Achilles heel of Russia

Air defense of Russia
Source:  ISW

The ISW team learned from their insider in Russia that the Russian air defenses are indeed protecting the Leningrad region extremely poorly. This means that the Ukrainian forces have found another weak point of the enemy.

Experts confirmed the problems with the protection of the Leningrad Region

The American analyst found out that the Russian air defence in the Leningrad region was most likely not ready to defend against strikes from the south.

The publication's anonymous sources explain this because air defence systems in this region are located to protect against strikes from the northwest and west, as the aggressor country historically created its air defence in this area to protect against hypothetical NATO attacks.

The Russian military is currently reforming the Leningrad Military District (LMB) with the intention of preparing for a potential war against NATO and possibly positioning military assets along the border with NATO members.

Ukraine's attacks may force Russia to change the location of air defence

According to representatives of the American Institute for the Study of War, strikes by Ukrainian forces in the Leningrad region may force the Russians to redeploy short-range air defence systems along the expected flight routes of Ukrainian drones to protect potential targets of strategic importance.

ISW believes that Russian forces using short-range air defense systems such as Pantsir may not be able to engage all important potential targets in the Leningrad region without bringing additional systems to the area, and continued Ukrainian strikes deep in Russia's rear can increase the pressure on Russian air defense as a whole.

As already mentioned earlier, on the night of January 21, the sea terminal in the Russian city of Ust-Luz, Leningrad Oblast, was attacked by drones.

Later, it became known that this was a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine.

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