Kremlin starts the third year of war against Ukraine with record funds amount
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Kremlin starts the third year of war against Ukraine with record funds amount

Source:  CNN

CNN journalists came to the conclusion that Russia is starting the third year of the war against Ukraine with a record amount of funds in the state treasury.

Russia has enough money to continue the war

According to journalists, the Kremlin has never been as rich as it is today, in particular thanks to the infusion of funds from Ukrainian businessmen who continue to buy Russian autogas.

Official Moscow has schemes to circumvent Western sanctions that help Russians sell huge volumes of oil to foreign markets and finance the war against Ukraine.

What is important to understand is that we are talking about tens of billions of dollars. The biggest sponsors of the aggressor country remain:

  1. China,

  2. India,

  3. Turkey.

These countries, using a shadow fleet of tankers, buy the lion's share of sanctioned Russian oil at a discount.

It's hard to believe, but Ukraine can be added to the list. It has been buying Russian oil products for almost two years, filling the aggressor's budget with tens of millions of dollars, and, accordingly, financing the war against itself, CNN writes.

The LPG market of Ukraine in 2023
The LPG market of Ukraine after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation (Infographic:

Ukrainian entrepreneurs buy autogas of the Russian Federation

Journalists spoke with "A-95" analyst Artem Kuyun.

According to him, the first batches of liquefied gas, which had signs of Russian origin, began to enter Ukraine in October 2022.

Everything started in October and November 2022, and already in the first quarter of 2023, the market was flooded with cheap liquefied gas from Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian storages, which were seen receiving echelons with Russian LPG, says Artem Kuyun.

What is important to understand is that the EU still has not supported the ban on the import of Russian liquefied gas, so this resource comes to the countries of the bloc without any obstacles.

A year ago, the Cabinet of Ministers made the first changes to the regulations and the Ukrainian customs began to demand certificates of origin of goods, but they learned to "stamp" these certificates and everything went to Ukraine again.

In January 2024, numerous offers of abnormally cheap gas from Poland and the Baltic countries appeared on the market. There can be only one recipe for such success: Russian origin, - believes the expert "A-95".

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