NATO reacted to the new attacks of Russia on Ukraine
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NATO reacted to the new attacks of Russia on Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg
Source:  RMF FM

The leadership of NATO, commenting on the increase in missile terror by the Russian Federation, declared that it would support Ukraine and protect "every centimeter of Poland."

NATO reacted to the new attacks of the Russian Federation on Ukraine

NATO strongly condemns Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians, cities and towns. This is another demonstration of Putin's attempt to break Ukraine's resolve. He will not succeed, the bloc's press service emphasizes.

The team of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg draws attention to the fact that the members of the Alliance have already provided Ukraine with a wide range of air defense systems and also promises that it will not stop there.

NATO continues to support Ukraine's right to self-defense against Russia's aggressive war. We will stand by Ukraine as long as necessary, NATO said.

The Alliance recognizes the threat posed by the Russian Federation to Poland and other bloc countries

According to the leadership of NATO, it cannot ignore the risks for the organization's members, who border Ukraine and may become victims of Russia's aggressive strikes.

That is why the Alliance strengthened its presence and readiness from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, particularly in Poland.

Poland already has more than 10,000 NATO troops and significant NATO military potential, including NATO aircraft protecting Polish skies... NATO will continue to assess its position and defend every centimeter of Poland, the alliance said in a statement.

By the way, official Warsaw has already threatened Russia with a harsh response in case of new provocations on its part.

This happened back on December 29, when a Russian missile violated Polish airspace and flew 40 km deep into the country.

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