Energoatom: A dangerous partial blackout to be occurred at the Zaporizhzhia NPP
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Energoatom: A dangerous partial blackout to be occurred at the Zaporizhzhia NPP

NAEC "Energoatom"
Occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP

The incompetent actions of the Russian occupiers and Rosatom workers on November 14 led to a partial blackout at the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

The occupiers caused a blackout at the ZNPP

On November 14, the Zaporizhia NPP occupied by the Russian army was partially de-energized.

This was reported by the press service of "Energoatom" on Facebook.

There was a blackout at the sixth power unit of the ZNPP, as a result of which diesel generators and safety systems were started, which worked for 90 minutes.

At that time, the occupying management of the station was investigating the reasons for the blackout and deciding what to do with the consequences of their incompetent actions, the report says.

These data were confirmed by IAEA inspectors at the site of the temporarily occupied ZNPP.

Energoatom emphasized that due to the complete unprofessionalism of the Russian occupiers, the leading equipment is constantly degrading at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, and the number of dangerous cases of its failure is increasing. The presence of nuclear workers at Europe's largest nuclear facility threatens nuclear and radiation safety.

The Zaporizhzhia NPP must be immediately returned to the full control of the legal operator, NAEC "Energoatom", as this is the only way to guarantee compliance with the facility's nuclear and radiation safety, the company emphasized.

Since the beginning of the occupation of the Zaporizhzhya NPP by rioters, there have been seven complete blackouts there.

The Russians want to conduct emergency drills at the ZNPP

The occupation administration of the Zaporizhzhya NPP plans to conduct emergency drills in November. It has been the first since the seizure of the power plant in early March 2022.

During the last week, IAEA experts continued to tour the plant, visiting the "fresh" fuel storage, the emergency diesel generators of power unit No. 1, the open distribution point of the 750-kilovolt power line, the central warehouse and the temporary emergency response center. They were informed that emergency exercises, the first since the beginning of the conflict, are planned for November, the report says.

It is also noted that after the closure last month of the reactor housing of power unit No. 3, which remained open after maintenance in 2022, the occupying management of the NPP informed the IAEA experts that "hydraulic tests of the steam generators of the power unit are now underway, which will be completed over the weekend, after which tests on the primary and secondary cooling circuits". It was confirmed to IAEA experts on Friday that power unit No. 3 will be in a "cold" state after the completion of hydraulic tests.

In addition, the IAEA experts were told that the occupation management of the ZNPP does not plan to restart any of the power units, four of which are in "cold" and two in "hot" reserve to generate steam for various functions of nuclear safety and heating of Energodar in winter.

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