Putin fears war with NATO, knowing to lose it immediately, says British top admiral
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Putin fears war with NATO, knowing to lose it immediately, says British top admiral

Russian Army
Source:  Insider

According to the Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Army, Sir Anthony Radakin, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin wants to avoid an armed conflict with NATO countries because he understands that he will immediately lose it.

Why Russia will not dare to attack NATO

Radakin noted that the Kremlin has demonstrated insecurity, but the strengthening of NATO has significantly worsened Russia's geopolitical position.

The Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Army noted that the Kremlin dictator must overcome significant difficulties confronting NATO countries.

Radakin emphasised that to be able to confront NATO forces in the next 2-5 years, Russia needs to end the failed and shameful war against Ukraine.

After that, the aggressor country can restore lost stocks of armoured vehicles, long-range missiles and artillery ammunition.

What threatens Russia with an attack on NATO

It is an inescapable fact that any Russian attack or incursion against NATO will provoke a stunning response. NATO's combat air force, which outnumbers Russia's by a ratio of 3 to 1, will quickly establish air superiority. NATO naval forces would dislodge the Russian fleet in the Barents and Baltic Seas, just as Ukraine dislodged the Black Sea Fleet from Crimea. NATO has four times more ships and three times more submarines than Russia, Radakin explains.

He also added that the Kremlin failed all strategic goals in Ukraine, and the occupying Russian army demonstrated a systematic inability to conduct combat operations.

Its air force was unable to gain control of the air. Its navy has lost 25% of its ships in the Black Sea, sunk or damaged by a nation without a navy, and Ukraine's maritime trade is returning to pre-war levels. The Russian army lost almost 3,000 tanks, almost 1,500 artillery units and more than 5,000 armored fighting vehicles, Radakin notes.

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