Raid on occupants' lair. Details of the DIU special operation in Russia's Belgorod region — video
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Raid on occupants' lair. Details of the DIU special operation in Russia's Belgorod region — video

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

According to intelligence obtained by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU), the Russian army's top leadership planned an inspection at Russian positions in the Hraivoron district of the Belgorod region, before which active engineering works were carried out there. Therefore, the Intelligence of Ukraine's Special Forces planned and conducted a special operation at this hostile location.

DIU carried out audacious raid in Russia’s Belgorod region

DIU shared an epic video of a raid into the enemy's lair in the Belgorod region, Russia.

This was reported by Ukrainian intelligence officers on Telegram.

In connection with the increase in the number of cases of sabotage by the Russians and to protect the civilian population of Ukraine, which lives in settlements near the state border and suffers from shelling by the aggressor, the servicemen of the DIU have carried out a set of special measures, the intelligence officers report.

According to intelligence, the top leadership of the Russian occupation army has planned an inspection of Russian positions in the Hraivoron district of Belgorod region due to the dissatisfaction and complaints of personnel about poor service conditions.

Before the arrival of the Moscow "inspectors", the ordinary invaders were confused and began to carry out active engineering work.

In order to inflict losses on the enemy and deteriorate its moral and psychological state, the DIU planned and conducted a special operation.

While performing the task, the scouts mined the only road used by the occupants in the area and attacked a platoon stronghold of Russian troops. As a result of a fire attack involving small arms and mortars, as well as an explosion on Ukrainian mines, the enemy suffered losses. The number of killed and wounded occupants is being clarified, the statement said.

A video of destruction of Russian fighter appeared

The video of the plane being set on fire by unknown persons was published by the DIU.

According to the DIU, the warplane belonged to an aviation regiment of the 21st Mixed Aviation Division of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) of the Armed Forces.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, the statement said.

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