Romania found a way to help Ukraine increase grain exports
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Romania found a way to help Ukraine increase grain exports

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Official Bucharest will help Ukraine to export grain after the creation of an anchorage in the port of Constanta, the construction of which they intend to complete in a few months.

Export of grain. Romania decided to help Ukraine

The general director of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, Dmytro Moskalenko, officially confirmed this information.

According to him, in March 2023, an additional anchorage for Ukrainian agricultural products should be launched in Constanta.

An agreement on this was reached in Romania at a meeting on increasing the export capacity of Ukrainian ports on the Danube river, Moskalenko noted.

He also noted that the discussion on creating anchorages with Romanian colleagues began several months ago.

It is worth noting that today, thanks to the opening of Odessa ports, the flow of agricultural products through the Danube has decreased.

However, it is essential to understand that agricultural export's "reserve" direction has not lost its relevance, and the Danube can once again become the main one.

What else was Ukraine able to agree on with Romania in terms of grain export?

As Dmytro Moskalenko officially confirmed, during January and February, the official Bucharest promised to hold a tender and develop a regulatory framework to put the parking lot into operation in March.

Moreover, the countries' authorities have agreed on an online queue to process barges in Constanta, making the work more predictable.

An idle barge in Constanța means additional costs for cargo owners and a catastrophic loss of fleet efficiency, said the general director of the state shipping company "Ukrainian Danube Shipping".

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