Russia conducted 465 chemical attacks on Ukraine
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Russia conducted 465 chemical attacks on Ukraine

RG-VO gas grenades

Ukrainian Defence Forces recorded 465 cases of Russia's use of ammunition containing poisonous chemicals. This December, 81 such cases were recorded.

Russia uses chemical weapons against Ukraine

The Support Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the dynamics of the use of such weapons is increasing.

For example, on 19 December, Russia carried out 8 attacks using chemicals.

Most often, the Russian occupiers use K-51 grenades, RGR hand grenades and Drofa-PM grenades, which are dropped from UAVs.

They also use improvised explosive devices with toxic chemicals of irritant effect. The occupiers also use artillery shells with chemically hazardous substances.

On 14 December, the Defence Forces recorded the use of a new type of special RG-VO gas grenades containing an unknown chemical substance.

28 cases of the use of hazardous chemicals were documented and sent for investigation within criminal proceedings by the radiation, chemical and biological intelligence groups of the military units of the Support Forces Command jointly with the Security Service of Ukraine.

Use of chemical weapons against Ukraine

In November, it was reported that Russian troops had used chemical weapons near Svatove and Bakhmut.

Deep State reports that the enemy most likely used chloropicrin, which is "abundant in Russia's stockpile" and has already been used several times against Ukrainian troops.

Chloropicrin is a liquid with a pungent, irritating odour. In high concentrations, it is toxic and harmful to humans. It is classified as hazard class II. It is used in mixtures of fumigants in agriculture, in gas fumigation chambers to check the tightness of insulating and filtering gas masks.

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