Russian sabotage group shot a man in Chernihiv region
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Russian sabotage group shot a man in Chernihiv region

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The day before, on January 10, in the Chernihiv region, a Russian sabotage and intelligence group shot a car with a civilian man.

Russian sabotage group shot a man in Chernihiv region

The head of the Novgorod-Siversk District Military Administration, Serhii Serhienko, informed of this.

According to him, it happened in the Semenivka community between the villages of Gremyachka and Leonivka. From there, it is half a kilometre to the Russian border.

There was information from the head of the community that the man managed to take his child on the bus to Semenivka and was returning to Kostobobriv. There was a sabotage group interfierence. Unfortunately, we lost a man," Serhiy Sergienko said.

According to him, the deceased was born in 1961. The man worked as a school bus driver in the village of Kostobobriv.

The publication emphasises that the operational command "North" press service has not commented on this information at the moment.

The Russians killed another civilian in the Donetsk region

During the past day, January 10, the Russian occupiers killed one resident in the Donetsk region. A total of 1,831 people have died in the area since the start of the full-scale invasion.

On January 10, the Russians killed 1 resident of Donetsk region — in Zalizne, the post says.

According to the head of Donetsk RMA, Vadym Filashkin, it is currently impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha.

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