Russians start tapping the phones of residents of Ukraine's occupied territories
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Russians start tapping the phones of residents of Ukraine's occupied territories


Invaders on the TOT of Ukraine introduced new methods of identifying "disloyal residents".

The Russian occupiers intensified the repression of TOT

With the help of special equipment, the Russian military listens to mobile phones and passers-by in public places.

The National Resistance Center reported this on March 19.

It is about equipment for listening to conversations on the street (by recording in establishments, bus stops), and listening to telephone calls.

As noted in the message, the latter are listened to automatically by keywords or manual mode in the case of "disloyal residents".

Also, the enemy once again carried out a series of raids on residential buildings in the Kherson region, during which they interrogated locals and checked documents and mobile phones.

Occupiers hunt "disloyal residents"

In December, it was reported that the Russian military had created a database of residents of the temporarily occupied territories who are suspected of disloyalty.

Also, the occupiers threaten to confiscate the property of entrepreneurs who conduct trade operations in hryvnias. However, people continue to use legal Ukrainian currency.

In addition, Ukrainian citizens who refused to obtain a Russian passport were forcibly evicted from their homes by the occupiers in the city of Starobilsk, Luhansk region.

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