Sereda won bronze for Ukraine at the World Aquatics Championship
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Sereda won bronze for Ukraine at the World Aquatics Championship

Oleksiy Sereda

Ukrainian athlete Oleksiy Sereda won a bronze medal in the diving competition at the World Aquatics Championship, which is being held in Qatar.

What is known about Ukraine winning a historic medal at the World Championships in Doha

It is noted that the Ukrainian athlete scored 528.65 points and took third place in the diving competition.

The first and second places went to athletes from China, Hao Yang and Yuan Cao.

For the first time in history, Ukrainian athletes managed to win a medal in the men's single diving from a 10-meter pole as part of the World Aquatics Championship.

What is known about the latest achievements of Sereda and other Ukrainian athletes

Before that, Ukrainian athletes Oleksiy Sereda and Kyryll Bolyukh won bronze medals in the finals of the 2024 World Championship in synchronized jumping from a 10-meter tower.

For six jumps, 18-year-old Oleksiy and 16-year-old Kyril received 406.47 points and became the third. Thus, the duo won the first award for Ukraine in diving at the 2024 World Championship.

The victory was won by representatives of China, the second place was taken by the British.

The national team of Ukraine won a silver medal in artistic swimming at the World Aquatics Championship.

The World Championship is held in Doha, Qatar. This is the final stage of qualification for the 2024 Olympics, Ukraine is applying for a license in an arbitrary team.

In the qualification of the acrobatic program, the Ukrainian women scored 243.2134 points and made it to the final of this discipline from the second place.

As a result, they won the silver medal of the 2024 World Cup.

In the acrobatic program, Ukraine was represented by eight sportswomen: Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiyeva, Marta Fedina, Oleksandra Goretska, Veronika Hryshko, Daria Moshinska, Anastasia Shmonina, Valeriya Tyshchenko.

Ukrainian women performed penultimate and performed the program with the third grade in terms of difficulty — 23.8500. China and the USA chose the most - 23.9500 and 24.6000 points.

Ukrainian women received 243.3167 points for their performance. Thus, they came in second place and won Ukraine's first medal in artistic swimming at the 2024 World Championships.

The gold was won by the Chinese team with 244.1767 points, and the bronze by the USA (242.2300).

At the previous World Championship, Ukraine took seventh place.

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