SOF soldiers destroyed the "Ural" of the Russian occupiers with Iranian shells — video
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SOF soldiers destroyed the "Ural" of the Russian occupiers with Iranian shells — video

AFU Special Operations Forces

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Ural-4320 truck of the Russian occupiers with ammunition for the BM-21 "Grad" multiple rocket launcher system.

Ukrainian defenders once again "reduce" the enemy's equipment

Ukrainian defenders discovered the goal of the invaders in the southern direction.

This truck with the enemy's ammunition was camouflaged, but the Russians failed to hide the equipment from the SSO aerial reconnaissance operators. Special forces fired artillery and hit the interventionist Ural with Iranian shells with FPV drones.

The BpAK crew promptly adjusted the fire of the artillery units of the Defense Forces on the targets, and also used their own FPV drones for strikes, the publication says.

As a result of the aiming work of the fighters, the enemy "Ural-4320" with BC for the BM-21 "Grad" MLRS was destroyed, as well as the MLRS itself was damaged.

According to intelligence, the Russian invaders' truck contained 55 Iranian-made rockets.

SOF fighters from HIMARS destroyed the crew of the Russian army

Operators of the 3rd SOF regiment during an aerial reconnaissance in the Donetsk direction discovered the crew of the UAV ZALA, which was preparing to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to the military, they managed to correct the M-142 HIMARS fire of the artillery unit of the Defense Forces on the target.

As a result, the BpAK crew, their transport, and the drone itself were destroyed, the SOF noted.

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