The Kremlin reacted to Finland's decision to close the borders
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The Kremlin reacted to Finland's decision to close the borders

Dmytri Peskov

Kremlin spokesman Dmytro Peskov cynically claims that the Finnish authorities invented reasons for closing the border. In addition, he called the accusations that Russian border guards deliberately bring migrants to the Finnish border because they want to provoke a crisis unacceptable.

Moscow does not hide its anger after Finland's unexpected decision

And if they try to find some far-fetched reasons (to close the border - ed.), then again, we do not accept such accusations against us, said the press secretary of the Russian dictator.

Dmytro Peskov also began to assert that border crossings should be used by those with the legal right to do so.

And in this regard, our border guards fully comply with all their service instructions, the Kremlin spokesman continues to lie.

In addition, Putin's spokesman responded to media reports that the Finnish authorities are already considering the option of closing the remaining checkpoints on the land border with Russia shortly.

According to Peskov, this causes nothing but deep regret in official Moscow.

Because we have long-standing, very good relations with Finland, pragmatic, based on mutual respect. And, of course, we regret that these relations were replaced by such an exclusively Russophobic position, which the leaders of this country began to adhere to, laments the Kremlin spokesman.

Why did Finland make this decision?

As mentioned earlier, on November 16, Finland decided to close the Vaalimaa, Nuyimaa, Imatra and Niirala border crossing points due to a surge in illegal migration.

As intelligence officers managed to find out, official Moscow is involved in the transportation of illegal asylum seekers to the Finnish border.

What is essential to understand is that in recent months, many people without entry documents have tried to enter Finland through the checkpoints on the southeastern border.

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