Ukraine is preparing to hold a defense forum in the USA — Zelenskyy
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Ukraine is preparing to hold a defense forum in the USA — Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyi
Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine, together with the USA, is preparing to hold a defense forum in Washington in December this year.

What is known about the joint defense forum of Ukraine with the United States in Washington

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that during his visit to Washington in September of this year, he agreed with American leader Joe Biden on several specific things that will strengthen the defence capabilities of Ukraine and the United States and other partners since joint production of weapons always strengthens the positions of countries.

The other day, specifics were discussed with the participation of Andriy Yermak and our government team. In December of this year, a special conference of Ukrainian and American industry, officials and other public figures, all those who organize the provision of our defense, will be held, Zelensky emphasized.

He noted that the forum will be a powerful event that will be part of the development of the Defense Industries Forum in September.

Currently, the forum is in Washington and the corresponding work with weapons both in Ukraine and in America, Zelensky emphasized.

He thanked the United States, President Biden, his team, Congress, and both parties that support Ukraine and American defence companies and partners in Europe.

The head of OPU, Andriy Yermak, clarified that the Ukrainian and American defence industry conference will be held on December 6-7. It is planned to study the possibilities of joint production of weapons.

Our needs are joint production of ammunition, anti-aircraft systems, drones, EW. The cooperation of our military industry with Western defense companies is now key, the OPU chief explained.

What is known about the significant strengthening of Ukrainian air defense and the cancellation of long alarms

The head of state emphasized that the current level of Ukrainian air defense makes it possible to modernize the response system to the takeoff of the "Kinzhal" carriers without unnecessary work stoppages of departments and enterprises due to long air alarms.

Today, I gave a separate order to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff to respond to the "Kinzhal" carriers, who stop our country for hours due to an air alert. Our level of air defense and, in general, preparedness for missile threats makes it possible to somewhat modernize the response — without unnecessary stops of the country. It is important to millions of our people. I am waiting for relevant proposals, Zelensky noted.

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