Ukraine's parliament calculated the mobilisation costs: details
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Ukraine's parliament calculated the mobilisation costs: details

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According to the head of the parliamentary budget committee, Ukrainian MP Roksolana Pidlasa, mobilising 400,000 to 500,000 conscripts will cost about 700 billion UAH.

What is known about the likely costs of mobilisation

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance, together with the budget and defense committees of the Verkhovna Rada, respectively, calculated this, but I would not like to announce it publicly, so as not to give Russian OSINTers too much information for them, — Pidlasa notes.

She emphasised that mobilising 400,000 to 500,000 people this year will cost UAH 322 billion additional fees.

According to Pidlasa, these expenses are related to the need to provide food and pay salaries to the military.

According to her, MOD representatives at meetings on the issue of mobilisation and open meetings of the defence committee also voiced the additional need to purchase and modernise military equipment, which will cost about 400 billion hryvnias.

That is, together we are now talking about an additional need for 2024 of about 700 billion hryvnias. Here it is necessary to understand that UAH 700 billion is a colossal amount, it is about 22.5% of all our expenditures in 2024 and 41% of our expenditures on defense, — explains the head of the budget committee of the Council.

Pidlasa also added that increasing one's income by 40% in a few months is a difficult task, in connection with which "these conversations about where to take additional money into the budget are precisely the result of this need."

What does the NSDC Secretary say about mobilisation

According to the National Defence and Security Council Secretary, Oleksii Danilov, the new mobilisation bill must be fair, a crucial issue.

The main thing is that everything is fair. The word "justice" echoes from our president regarding this bill as a key guide in this matter. Everything should be fair, — emphasised Danilov.

He noted that protecting the state is the duty of every citizen of Ukraine.

I want everyone to understand that the war continues not only on the front line, the war is going on in the entire territory of our country. Everyone should be involved, everyone should work for the victory of Ukraine, — explains Danilov.

Danilov also emphasised that "now there is no law, there is a draft law".

When the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada approve this act, when the president signs it and it is already a norm of bill, then we will be able to say that it is a norm of the law. Today, this is a bill draft that Verkhovna Rada MPs can adopt in one or another version. This is already the right of deputies to vote for this norm or to change or edit it in some way. When there is a law, then we will be able to finally consider this issue, — emphasised the NSDC secretar.

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