Ukraine's SOF conducted a successful special ops "Citadel" in the Black Sea - video
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Ukraine's SOF conducted a successful special ops "Citadel" in the Black Sea - video

AFU Special Operations Forces

The AFU Special Operations Forces managed to destroy the radar station of the Russian army and the equipment that helped the enemy to attack the south of Ukraine with kamikaze drones. A new successful operation on one of the mining platforms in the Black Sea was named "Citadel".

How was the preparation for the operation "Citadel"

The SOF press service reports that the 73rd Marine Center operators conducted an extraordinarily complex and effective special operation in the Black Sea near the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

It is also worth noting that our soldiers quickly worked in the zone of potential damage to the enemy.

According to intelligence, one of the illegally seized mining platforms was used by the Russians to enhance the operation of the Iranian-made Mohajer-6 UAV. Namely, they installed equipment that increases the range and radius of its operation.

The SOF also emphasises that enemy forces used this UAV to conduct surveillance and the subsequent mission of Shahed kamikaze drone strikes against critical infrastructure facilities in the south of Ukraine.

In addition, the enemy installed a radar station for detecting surface objects (from motor boats to ships) "Neva-B" on the platform. With the help of this radar, the Russians controlled the situation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

The SOF operation in the Black Sea. AFU soldiers inflicted losses on the enemy

After careful planning and preparation, the 73rd SSO Marine Center group began destroying enemy facilities.

It is essential to understand that the special operation was carried out in the zone of constant patrolling by the Russian Air Force and Navy.

At night, the 73rd SOF Marine Center boats came close to the mining platform. After carrying out special actions and cleaning, the object was demined. The combat group withdrew safely and blew up the enemy target. As a result, critical enemy equipment was captured, and a mast with an antenna was blown up.

In addition, it is emphasised that the successfully conducted SOF notable operation fighters guaranteed safer movement of ships and limited Russia's capabilities in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

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