US offers South Korea to transfer its ammunition to Ukraine
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US offers South Korea to transfer its ammunition to Ukraine

Source:  Yonhap

According to American analysts, against the background of the acute shortage of artillery ammunition in the Ukrainian military, South Korea could provide assistance.

How could South Korea significantly help Ukraine with ammunition

According to journalists of the South Korean publication, 105 mm calibre ammunition is being discussed, and the use of which is gradually being abandoned by military countries.

After analysing the situation in the arms markets, analysts Mark Kenchien and Chris Park from the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) concluded that due to the growing threat from North Korea, it is unlikely to transfer 155 mm artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

However, the South Korean army's refusal of 105-calibre ammunition would allow them to be transferred to Ukraine.

According to experts' estimates, North Korea's stockpiles of 105-caliber ammunition may amount to about 3.4 million units.

These ammunitions are compatible with all 105 mm howitzers that Ukraine received from Great Britain and the USA, namely L119 and M101.

According to analysts, the transfer of these munitions will not affect the South Korean army's combat capability.

This is due to the fact that less than 30% of the artillery of this caliber is currently in service in the country, and the transition to 155 mm self-propelled howitzers of domestic production is ongoing.

How can South Korea transfer these ammunitions to Ukraine

The authors of the material note that South Korea had previously provided ammunition to the US under the conditions of a ban on their transfer to other countries or entities.

Analysts emphasise that North Korea could provide indirect military aid to Ukraine using this method.

Last year, Washington worked with Seoul to send more than 300,000 155mm shells to Ukraine, receiving the ammunition from South Korea on the condition that the US be the end user.

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