A military unit HQ was burning in the Russian Stavropol
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A military unit HQ was burning in the Russian Stavropol

Fire in Stavropol
Source:  online.ua

On February 12, a fire broke out in the Russian military unit of Stavropol. Local authorities assure that there are no casualties.

A fire in Stavropol: First details

Local Telegram channels write about the fire.

The fire occurred in the military unit in Stavropol, there were no casualties, the mayor of the city, Ulyanchenko, said in the message.

In addition, it is emphasised that the headquarters building was on fire. The fire broke out on the first floor, and people were evacuated.

Later it became known that the fire was localised, the cause could be a short circuit in the wiring in one of the offices.

SSU arranged attacks on two refineries in the Russian Krasnodar region

According to Liga.net, drones of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) attacked two oil refineries in Russia at once.

What is essential to understand is that they are talking about the Ilsky and Afipsky refineries in the Krasnodar Territory.

According to journalists insiders, a large-scale fire broke out at the Ilsky Refinery.

SSU drones managed to hit a primary processing plant with a capacity of 3.6 million tons annually. Without it, the enemy cannot produce diesel fuel for military needs.

In addition, it is emphasised that the cost of such an installation reaches about 50 million dollars

At the Afipsky plant, drones also worked well, but the consequences are being clarified.

Anonymous sources also note that both objects are located about 20 km from each other.

According to local publications, the Russians were even forced to raise planes into the sky, but this did not help to protect essential refineries.

Russia is a Goliath standing on jelly legs. We systematically cut them. And we will continue to do this in the future until Goliath falls, — notes Liga.net

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