AFU achieved new successes in the Bakhmut direction
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AFU achieved new successes in the Bakhmut direction

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Yuriy Fedorenko, the commander of the battalion of unmanned attack aircraft complexes "Achilles" of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade, told how the events in Donbas are currently developing.

AFU manages to retake positions from the Russians

According to Fedorenko, the situation at the front is still extremely tense.

Currently, the Russian invaders are concentrating on getting out of Bohdanivka and encircling Chasiv Yar.

In addition, the soldiers of the Russian Federation intend to completely encircle it through Ivanovske, if they manage to increase their success.

In this way, the enemy is trying to take the city of Chasiv Yar in a vice, and then push in the area of the main concentration, Fedorenko explained.

What is important to understand is that as of the morning of April 27, there is still no enemy in Chasovoy Yar — this settlement remains under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There is a lot of speculation on the part of Russian propaganda, which periodically declares that they either completely took Ivanovsk, or entered Chasiv Yar. But for the sake of truth, the line of combat collision has not undergone significant changes, says the combatant.

According to him, dynamic work is also underway to repel attacks from the enemy.

Yuriy Fedorenko officially confirmed that in some cases Ukrainian soldiers manage to make improvements along the front line.

In particular, this week it was possible to knock out the enemy from two positions and fully take one of the plantations. Currently, all the positions from which it was possible to knock out the occupier remain with us, - concludes the combatant.

Losses of the Russian army as of April 27, 2024

The total combat losses of the enemy from 02.24.22 to 04.27.24 approximately amounted to:

  • personnel — about 465,054 (+1,124) people,

  • tanks — 7268 (+6) units,

  • armored combat vehicles — 13,971 (+14) units,

  • artillery systems — 11,905 (+38) units,

  • RSZV — 1049 (+0) units,

  • air defense equipment — 775 (+3) units,

  • aircraft — 348 (+0) units,

  • helicopters — 325 (+0) units,

  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level — 9485 (+24),

  • cruise missiles — 2124 (+5),

  • ships/boats — 26 (+0) units,

  • submarines — 1 (+0) units,

  • automotive equipment and tank trucks — 16,019 (+35) units,

  • special equipment - 1968 (+6)

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