AFU Officer: Russia's army uses grenades with poisonous substances against AFU
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AFU Officer: Russia's army uses grenades with poisonous substances against AFU

Russian grenades

Russian troops began to use weapons with chemical substances more often at the front, in particular, a new type of grenade with poisonous components inside.

The Russian military has grenades with poisonous substances

Russia violates the international convention on non-use of weapons with chemical components.

This was announced by the representative of the Center for the Research of Trophy and Prospective Weapons and Military Equipment, Captain Andriy Rudyk, during a briefing at the Military Media Center.

In December, the use of the RG-Vo grenade was recorded for the first time. This grenade contains chloroacetophenone, a substance with an asphyxiating effect, prohibited by the Geneva Protocol on the Use of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Similar Gases in War, Rudyk said.

In the Center for Research of Trophy and Prospective Armaments and Military Equipment, it is assumed that in the case of entering a room or a dugout, five minutes is enough to kill people there.

Andriy Rudyk

It is noted that the tested sample was manufactured in 2023 at a factory that has been operating since the time of the Soviet Union.

Thus, in 2017, Russia lied about fulfilling its obligations under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. According to which the weapons themselves and the production facilities where they were manufactured were to be destroyed, the representative of the Center emphasised.

He suggests that now Russia is trying to study the reaction of the world community in order later to expand the nomenclature of the use of chemical weapons.

It is worth noting that only in December 2023, 81 such cases of the use of gas grenades were recorded. In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 626 cases of chemical attacks against Ukrainian defenders are known.

Russia is increasingly using chemical components at the front

AFU documented the facts of Russia's use of ammunition with poisonous chemicals against the Armed Forces.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed of these facts on Facebook.

The defense forces recorded 626 cases of the Russian Federation using ammunition equipped with poisonous chemicals. Of them, only in January of the current year, there were 51 cases. At the same time, the dynamics of application is increasing. Up to 10 cases of use of chemicals are recorded daily.

The General Staff clarified that the enemy often uses grenades, such as K-51 and RGR, which are dropped from UAVs. However, improvised explosive devices equipped with irritant substances are also used. Artillery shelling with shells containing chemically dangerous substances is also carried out.

It is also reported that on December 14, 2023, the use of a new type of special RG-VO gas grenades containing the chemical substance CS was discovered.

36 cases of the use of dangerous chemicals were documented and sent for investigative actions within the framework of criminal proceedings by groups of radiation, chemical, biological intelligence from the military units of the Support Forces Command together with the Security Service of Ukraine, the message says.

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