Air Force warns Ukrainians of massive Russian attacks on Easter
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Air Force warns Ukrainians of massive Russian attacks on Easter


The Air Force Command calls on Ukrainians not to ignore air raid warnings on Easter. After all, Russia has repeatedly disregarded the rules of warfare, regularly shelling civilian infrastructure.

The enemy may massively shell Ukraine on Easter — the Air Force

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine urged Ukrainians to be ready for anything.

Ilya Yevlash, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said this on the air of the nationwide telethon "Edyny Novyni".

We have to be ready for anything. The enemy has repeatedly shown that even during the so-called peace agreements, he continued to disrupt them and strike, including on civilian infrastructure. Therefore, we see how today the enemy is actively hitting Kharkiv, using guided aerial bombs... Before my inclusion on the air (on the evening of May 3 — ed.), there were about 5 multi-purpose fighters, Su-34 aircraft, Su -35. There is also a fairly large presence of reconnaissance drones, which the enemy uses to adjust its missile and bomb strikes.

Ilya Yevlash

Ilya Yevlash

Spokesman of the command of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Yevlash emphasised that the command of the Air Force informs about threats in its messengers. And also called once again to go down to the shelter during an air raid, if there is no such possibility — to remember the rule of two walls.

The SSU appealed to Ukrainians on the eve of Easter

The Security Service of Ukraine urged citizens to observe security measures during Easter.

This was reported by the SSU press service.

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to systematically expose the numerous attempts of the aggressor to destabilise the social and political situation in Ukraine in the conditions of war. To realise their criminal intentions, the occupiers use a large arsenal of subversive activities against our state.

The Service said that the enemy constantly involves its own agency to commit provocations in various spheres of public life, in particular in inter-religious relations.

The goal of such actions of the occupiers is to create artificial conflict situations among representatives of religious communities to destabilise the internal situation in Ukraine.

Also, according to the SSU, the aggressor actively engages his henchmen to adjust enemy fire on the civilian infrastructure of our country. Among the potential targets are places where there is a mass presence of people.

Therefore, the Security Service calls on citizens on the eve and during the Easter celebration:

  • limit attendance at mass events;

  • not to succumb to possible provocations or incitement to illegal actions;

  • observe the curfew established for your region;

  • not to ignore the signals of the air alarm, and during it to be in shelters;

  • report to law enforcement authorities about suspicious objects and persons who may provoke or pose a potential threat.

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