ATESH movement declares Russian army facing severe problems with air defence systems
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ATESH movement declares Russian army facing severe problems with air defence systems

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Source:  ATESH

Currently, the Russian occupiers have significant problems with air defense installations. We are talking about both outdated models of anti-aircraft missile systems and the latest installations.

What the partisans managed to discover

The ATESH noted that a serviceman from the Russian Armed Forces' air defence unit reported malfunctions and ineffectiveness of complexes against Ukrainian long-range drones.

One of the agents of the resistance movement from the air defense division notes that the leadership of the Russian Federation has started using the old "Kub" air defence systems, which are ineffective.

Apparently, this equipment was removed from old stocks, and the missiles for this anti-aircraft missile system deteriorated during storage in warehouses. Most often, they simply cannot hit the target, even if it is detected, the partisans report.

However, as noted in "ATESH," the problems are not limited to outdated equipment; they also affect modern complexes.

Most of the operational air defense systems were sent to the "SMO" zone, and the ones in the rear cities remained faulty or worn out. As our agent says, 65-80% of all anti-aircraft missile systems have some malfunctions.

Also, the occupiers had a problem with the errors of air defence systems operators, who did not receive proper training, and trained specialists died in the war in Ukraine.

The Russian occupiers try to protect Sevastopol Bay from the AFU attacks in Crimea

The ATESH movement notes that these efforts intensified after the strikes by the Defense Forces with cruise missiles and naval drones on the Yamal and Azov military bases.

Currently, the command of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia is blocking the passage of boats and putting up new barriers at the sea entrance to the bay. Pro-Ukrainian Crimeans are watching the situation.

On March 24, the AFU General Staff announced a successful missile attack on Russian military facilities in occupied Sevastopol.

Ukrainian forces powerfully attacked several infrastructure facilities of the Russian Federation's Black Sea Fleet, including the central communications centre and the large landing ships "Yamal" (156) and "Azov" (151).

According to the data of the OSINTtechnical project, he has information about at least three Ukrainian Storm Shadow cruise missiles that hit the central communications centre of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

It is also worth noting that military units of missile forces and the FSB are located in the area of the probable hit.

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