Bundeswehr General says the war will end when Ukraine wins it
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Bundeswehr General says the war will end when Ukraine wins it

Christian Freuding
Source:  RND

The Bundeswehr is optimistic about the ability of the Defense Forces of Ukraine to defeat the Russian army, given the weapons that Ukraine receives from its partners.

Ukraine has more precision weapons than Russia

In an interview with RND radio, the head of the Special Staff for Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense, Major General Christian Freuding, said that the Bundeswehr is confident in what the Ukrainian Armed Forces can do because they are confident in the value of support, in the unity of Ukraine's partners working for achieving the desired result.

He noted that currently, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are conducting intensive actions and are fighting somewhere for every meter — with infantry and tanks, drones, artillery, as well as long-range vehicles.

Most of the systems currently used by Ukraine are much more accurate in their effectiveness than Russian ones. It also means you need less ammo. And from Germany alone this year, we will probably be able to more than double the supply of artillery ammunition. However, the supply of ammunition remains a central issue for support from the West, Freuding said.

When asked when the war would end, the German general answered:

It will end when Ukraine wins it. Territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine should remain the guiding principle of political actions, — added Freuding.

Ukraine needs to mobilise more people

Freuding believes that Ukraine needs mobilisation to replace losses on the battlefield and restore combat units.

Ukraine will definitely have to mobilise more soldiers — if only because of the casualty figures, as far as we can tell, he said.

According to him, mobilisation is also necessary, as some Armed Forces units have been at the front for 24 months and will have to be restored.

The type and scale of mobilization are currently being discussed in Ukraine. This is a political and social negotiation process in which the demographic situation in Ukraine also plays a role, said the General.

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