DIU chief Budanov outlines the only way to end the Russo-Ukrainian war
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DIU chief Budanov outlines the only way to end the Russo-Ukrainian war

Kyrylo Budanov
Source:  CNN

According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) chief, Gen Kyrylo Budanov, the next six months will be interesting. In addition, he emphasised that the offensive of the Russian invaders would end at the front line.

Budanov explained how the war between Russia and Ukraine would end

According to the head of Ukrainian intelligence, only one final is possible in this war — the victory of Ukraine.

In addition, the DIU chief warned that the next six months will be interesting, as Russia's current offensive on the front line will end during this period.

Justice is where it ends. The return of what was lost, — emphasised Kyrylo Budanov.

He noted that the civilian population of Russia finally saw the accurate picture of war.

Citizens of the Russian Federation observe explosions at oil depots, destroyed buildings of plants and factories, etc. All this is useful.

What is essential to know about the situation on the battlefield

According to Kyrylo Budanov, artillery systems and ammunition remain the most critical needs of Ukraine's armed forces.

It is essential to ensure that their number is one of the critical factors in the war with terrorist Russia.

In addition, it is emphasised that Russia and Ukraine are more or less equal in unmanned systems.

Each side is trying to improve its capabilities.

A-10 attack aircraft could significantly strengthen Ukraine on the front line. Although there is occasional discussion in America about their decommissioning and replacement with newer aircraft, the A-10 attack aircraft have a reputation for being effective in the fight against armored vehicles, gained, in particular, during the Persian Gulf War. They can really help inflict a military defeat on Russia, Kyrylo Budanov emphasised.

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