Charles Michel evaluated Ukraine's progress towards EU membership
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Charles Michel evaluated Ukraine's progress towards EU membership

Office of the President of Ukraine
Charles Michel

According to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, during his visit to Kyiv, Ukraine's leadership is successfully promoting significant anti-corruption reforms and performing other work necessary for EU membership.

What is known about Charles Michel's assessment of Ukraine's progress on the way to the EU

The President of the European Council noted that he will spare no effort to ensure Ukraine and Moldova's EU membership.

As you know, EU membership is not acquired overnight. Expansion is and will be a merit-based process, Charles Michel emphasized.

He warned that many requirements accompany the process of joining the EU and can sometimes cause disappointment. Still, appropriate work must be done, especially in reforming the legal framework.

Even today, on this symbolic anniversary, you continue to promote important anti-corruption reforms. Today you voted in the Verkhovna Rada for three very important laws. I want to congratulate you, because it shows your determination to do what is necessary, Charles Michel said.

He is convinced that supporting Ukraine is a moral obligation and a strategic responsibility for European countries.

At the same time, enlargement for the EU is, according to him, a strategic investment in peace, prosperity and democratic values.

I intend to do everything to convince 27 colleagues that we need a positive decision in December, Michel stressed.

He explained that a favourable decision means three dimensions.

First, it is a message to the citizens of the European Union that we care about our common future in terms of security, prosperity and stability, Michel said.

The official added that the European Union would be more protected, safer, and more prosperous with countries with the same principles, values, and vision.

Secondly, this is a message for the people of Ukraine and the people of Moldova that we are reliable, serious and loyal, that we understand well what is at stake, the President of the European Council stressed.

He added that this serves as a particular argument to convince the leaders of the 27 EU member states to make a favourable decision at the start of negotiations.

Thirdly, this is a message for the Kremlin and everyone in the world who wants to undermine the order based on rules, who does not like human dignity and democratic principles, Michel concluded.

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