Finland introduces new restrictions on the border with Russia
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Finland introduces new restrictions on the border with Russia

Source:  Ukrinform

The government of Finland has decided to suspend the work of sea checkpoints on the border with Russia from April 15.

Finland closes its sea borders with Russia

Two sea crossing points from the Russian Federation are being closed.

It is noted that the Saimen Canal through Nuyamaa will be closed for pleasure craft. The Haapasaari and Santio sea crossing points are also closed indefinitely.

In early April, Finland extended the closure of its land border with Russia indefinitely until further notice.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland explained the decision by the fact that Russia continues to send illegal migrants to the border.

What is known about the closure of the border with Russia by Finland

The Government of Finland decided to extend the deadline for closing the border with Russia for another two months.

Thus, the border points will remain closed at least until April 14.

According to previous decisions, the shutdown was supposed to end on Sunday, February 11.

The closure was justified by the fact that Russia is transporting asylum seekers to the border in order to put pressure on Finland.

The border between Finland and Russia was closed for the first time in November 2023 due to a significant increase in the number of asylum seekers arriving from the Russian Federation.

Subsequently, the Finnish authorities decided to open two border points — Vaalima and Niirala on December 14. However, on the first day, more than 100 asylum seekers arrived from Russia, after which the authorities closed the border again.

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