In the Russian city of Orsk, a dam broke again
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In the Russian city of Orsk, a dam broke again


In Orsk, Orenburg region of the Russian Federation, on April 6, an earth dam on the Ural River broke again.

In Orsk, the dam has broken again — the city is flooding

Water began to flow rapidly into the city.

This is reported by local Telegram channels.

The dam in Orsk broke in one more place — water rushed with new force into the village of Nickel

After another breach of the dam in Orsk, the villages of Budivelnykiv, Nickel, Lisotorgovoi and Borysoglibska Street are at risk of flooding.

Local residents report that the dam broke in the area of Borysoglibska Street — now the flow from the Ural River rushed through the structure to the village of Nickel. Before that, the water simply overflowed, but now the section of the dam is completely washed away.

According to local sources, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is evacuating residents from Nickel.

Meanwhile, more than 4,400 houses were flooded in Orsk.

Earlier, the mayor of Orenburg reported that the water level in the Urals will rise and may reach a critical level at night.

In connection with the third breach of the dam in the village of Nickel in Orsk, residents are urgently evacuated — the water is quickly flooding the village

What is the situation in Orsk after the dam burst

At least two people died as a result of the dam breach. Although rescuers are checking data on a third possible victim of the water.

According to reports, one of the Russians climbed onto the roof and fell. Another body of the deceased was found in the yard of one of the houses on Ordzhonikidze Street.

As of the morning of April 6, the water level in the Ural River has become critical and is 9.27 m.

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