Oil depot in occupied Luhansk burns down after powerful blasts
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Oil depot in occupied Luhansk burns down after powerful blasts

Artem Lysohor / Luhansk OVA

A large-scale fire broke out in temporarily occupied Luhansk on May 7. An oil depot used by the Russian army burned down there.

What is known about the fire at the oil depot in Luhansk

The head of the Luhansk RMA , Artem Lysogor, reported that in Luhansk, firefighters were unable to extinguish the fire that broke out yesterday at the local oil depot.

As a result of the fire, processing products were burnt, and the infrastructure was destroyed. Lysohor notes that the occupiers are looking for the culprits of the fire. The network suggests that there may have been actions of Ukrainian defenders, but there is no confirmation of this.

Refueling Russian military equipment will become much more difficult. We will have to build a new logistics chain and store fuel even further from the front line, says the head of the Luhansk RMA.

What is known about the explosions in Luhansk on May 7

On May 7, explosions rang out in occupied Luhansk. The Russian occupiers said that the Armed Forces allegedly hit the oil depot with ATACMS missiles.

After that, videos of a large-scale fire in the occupied city began to be published online.

On April 13, explosions rang out in the "Luhansk Machine-Building Plant-100" area. This machine-building enterprise repaired Russian military equipment and housed Russian army personnel.

Later it became known that the commander of the 59th brigade of the occupation army of the Russian Federation, Pavel Kropotov, was eliminated there.

Also, on the night of December 4, 2023, an attack was carried out on an oil depot in temporarily occupied Luhansk. One of the tanks was on fire there, and there was a powerful fire.

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