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Panic, despair, showdowns and assassinations' attempts. Russia has launched a new "Maidan-3" info attack on Ukraine — exclusive

Zelenskyy and Putin

On November 1, the Russian special services launched a large-scale information attack named "Maidan-3", the goal of which was to destabilize Ukraine. This is reported by, citing its sources in the security and defence sector.

Ukrainians should remember that the "war of attrition" is about resistance to internal confrontations that Russia actively provokes.

New info attack of Russia against Ukraine

The timing of a recent information attack by Russian special services on Ukraine is November фтвDecember 2023.

The curator of the operation was Sergei Kirienko, the first deputy head of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, and the ideologue was Vladislav Surkov, one of the authors of the so-called "Novorossia" project. learned this from its sources in Ukraine's security and defence sector and confirmed a cursory view of the Ukrainian information space.

According to the bold plans of the Russians, the operation will be carried out in different parts of the world and have a complex multi-vector character.

The goal set by the Russian special services and propagandists is to destabilise political life, provoke protest moods and conflicts in Ukraine itself, as well as influence the international anti-Putin coalition.

The methodology of the new information attack of the Russian Federation will remain traditional for the Russian PsyOps — panic, despair, and artificial exasperation of politicians and the military.

Russian PsyOp: the perceived "hopelessness of resistance" of Ukrainians

Regarding the main topics of the informational influence of Russian special services on Ukrainian society, no surprises are expected.

Some of the real problem topics that concern Ukrainians today will once again be raised on the current agenda: general fatigue from the war, the perceived "futility of resistance", corruption, the ineffectiveness of international organisations, the suspension of aid from international partners, the ineffectiveness of political leadership and various "conspiracy theories".

The "language issue" is a separate item repeatedly artificially brought back to the agenda.

At the same time, it is planned to organise many "peaceful" actions in Kyiv and the regions, which will have completely non-peaceful goals.

For this purpose, the Russian special services actively use the stressful state of Ukrainian society.

In particular, the painful issues of POWs exchanges and military rotation in the combat zone are rising to a new level.

Active information attacks aimed at disrupting the mobilisation process continue. Relatives and friends of the Ukrainian military are being provoked into aggressive actions, which further destabilise society.

It was for this purpose that Russia blocked the process of exchanging prisoners of war.

Attack of Russia against the military and political leadership of Ukraine

The first stages of this operation can already be observed both on Ukrainian and international information sites, including pro-Russian and Russian-speaking audiences.

New voices in the form of "conspirated" agents of influence (self-proclaimed "experts" and commentators) were joined by a specific part of Ukrainian politicians and opinion leaders who unknowingly spread Russian narratives for their PR.

Currently, the main information attack is aimed at discrediting certain state structures and representatives of the political and military leadership of Ukraine.

In particular, an imaginary "conflict" between various branches of government and specific government figures is being fanned.

According to sources, the biggest bet in Russia's information attacks is on propaganda in the Telegram messenger, which has a Russian origin. $230 million has already been allocated to this direction.

In general, "Maidan-3" became the most expensive Russian informational special operation against Ukraine since 2014 — its total budget reached $1.5 billion.

Russian special services are preparing assassination attempts on the leadership of Ukraine

It is planned to organise a series of assassination attempts on many Ukrainian officials. Several groups of executors have been prepared for this.

Some participants are already in the territory of Ukraine, and some are preparing to enter from the territory of "shadow allies" of Russia. Management of the operation will be carried out directly from the Russian Federation's territory.

According to sources, if the attempts are successful, some of them will be presented as evidence of Ukraine's "weakness" and inability to protect iconic figures. Other attempts will try to pass off as "internal Ukrainian showdowns" that have reached the extreme boiling point.

The special operation of the Russian special services should reach its peak on the anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity. According to the "author's" idea, it will add emotionality and symbolism to the events.

In addition, it is during this period that Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian civilian critical infrastructure are predicted to intensify.

Combining all components will naturally increase the psychological impact on Ukrainians and contribute to the emergence of panic and capitulation moods.

Russia's destabilisation of the world: aid to Israel and the Nord Streams

On the international stage, the Russians will continue to promote the topic of the Middle East to divert attention from the war in Ukraine and reduce international aid.

Ukraine will be presented as a solid "Huliaipole" [referred to the location, where based on Nestor Makhno's anarchy movement in the 1920s — Ed.], devoid of any signs of civilisation and legality, with constant quarrels at the state's top leadership level.

Theories about Ukraine's involvement in the undermining of the "Nordic Streams" will gain new strength.

The ultimate goal of the information "project" of the Russian special services is to prove the inability of Ukraine as an independent state because its leadership is "incapable of effective management, and the people cannot elect worthy leaders."

That is means the another attempt of Russia to present Ukraine as a "failed state".

Therefore, political forces partnering with Russia in the "West" will convince opponents and voters of the need to switch the vector of support from Ukraine to Israel.

Ukrainian special services will resist such attacks, but all Ukrainians need to remember that the "war of attrition" is not only about mobilisation, tanks and drones. This is resistance to internal confrontations, which Russia will actively provoke.

Russian strategists are confident that their regime and society are much more stable and resistant to informational and security influences.

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