Russian media publishes footage from the site of Kiva's liquidation — video
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Russian media publishes footage from the site of Kiva's liquidation — video

Ilya Kiva

The Kremlin's propaganda media released footage from the place of liquidation of the traitor and collaborator, the former Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva.

What the Kremlin media write about the liquidation of Kiva

According to Russian propaganda media, representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia are currently working in the territory of the complex where Kiva's body was found.

No one was allowed inside, but journalists were allowed to film at the gate.

According to Yulia Sinitsyna, the director of the Velich Country Club where Kiva was at the moment of his liquidation, the complex does not have enhanced security.

The territory of the park is free, anyone can come to it for a walk, Sinitsyna said.

She noted that she had been informed about Kiva's body by a local resident.

The woman immediately ran to the scene, where she and other workers examined the body and realised that it was the murdered Kiva — many knew him by sight.

He was a regular guest and popular among those who watch propaganda shows.

No one touched the body. The general director assures us that no one entered the room where Kiva lived and that everything was fine.

What is known about the liquidation of Kiva

According to representatives of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, the traitor Kiva was killed with small arms as part of a special SSU operation.

The elimination of the main traitor, collaborator and propagandist Ilya Kiva is a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine, law enforcement officials say.

A criminal case has already been opened in Russia in connection with the liquidation of Kiva.

According to preliminary investigative data, in the evening, in the park of a cottage town in the village of Suponevo, Odintsovo city district, an unknown person shot the victim with an unidentified weapon. The man died on the spot from his injuries, according to the report of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow Region.

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