Russia once again spreads fake news about Ukrainian "dirty bomb"
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Russia once again spreads fake news about Ukrainian "dirty bomb"

Center for Countering Disinformation of Ukraine

Kremlin propaganda is again spreading fakes about the "Ukrainian dirty bomb" to continue the campaign of nuclear blackmail of the Russian Federation.

Russia again launched fake news about the "Ukrainian dirty bomb"

The Centre for Countering Disinformation (CCD) says that one of the former Ukrainian politicians accused of high treason, who left for the Russian Federation, is broadcasting a disinformation message this time.

Apparently, experiencing a crisis of the genre, ru-propagandists time and again return to false statements about the "dirty bomb", which have already been repeatedly refuted both by the Ukrainian side and by international nuclear safety oversight bodies, the CCD noted.

The CC emphasises that the Russian Federation is resorting to an already familiar propaganda technique — it produces fakes to justify later the crimes committed by its army on the territory of Ukraine.

Such statements today are also an attempt to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the world community against the background of preparations for the summit on the Ukrainian peace formula and to intimidate our country's allies in order to force them to make concessions to Moscow.

Putin announced nuclear exercises in Russia

On May 6, the Russian MoD officially confirmed that, on behalf of the illegitimate president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, it will soon conduct training on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.

What is important to understand is that we are talking about training with the missile units of the Southern Military District with the involvement of aviation, as well as the forces of the Navy.

On the conviction of American analysts, the Kremlin has again launched a campaign of reflexive control aimed at decision-making in the West, using nuclear threats and diplomatic manipulation.

What is reflective management? It is the mechanism of transferring the reasons for deciding the opponent using provocations, intrigues, disguises, creation of false objects and lies of any type.

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