Russia recruits migrants to spy in Finland
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Russia recruits migrants to spy in Finland

Russia recruits migrants to spy in Finland
Source:  Yle

The border between Finland and Russia will be closed at least until February 11.

What is known about Russia's attempts to recruit migrants

Russia is trying to recruit migrants seeking asylum in Finland to spy for Moscow.

This is stated in the response of the Finnish Security Police (SUPO) to the request of Yle publication. According to the intelligence services, it is a common practice for Russian intelligence to try to get some people to cooperate with them. In recent months, more than a thousand migrants have arrived in Finland through the eastern border.

A person can be induced to cooperate in various ways, for example, by applying pressure or linking the request for cooperation with the conditions of leaving the country or promising money,’’ SUPO noted.

At the same time, the police emphasised that there are not yet numerous cases of such "cooperation" of migrants from Russia. According to estimates of the Border Service, there may be thousands of people ready to cross the border illegally in the territories adjacent to Finland.

Finland will keep the border with Russia closed

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, Sari Essayah, confirmed that her country will continue to keep the border with Russia closed.

The day before, the Finnish mass media wrote that the government is looking for legal options to extend the ban on movement between countries due to the influx of illegal migrants. The option of opening the border only for Finns and Russians was also discussed, but such a decision must also be approved in Russia.

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