Russia spreads a new fake about the "evacuation ban" from Kharkiv
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Russia spreads a new fake about the "evacuation ban" from Kharkiv

Source:  SPRAVDI

Russian propagandists are spreading a fake that the local authorities of Kharkiv have allegedly banned evacuation from the city before the so-called "planned offensive" of the Russian army on the regional center.

New Russian fake about Kharkiv

The SPRAVDI Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security points out that the narrative that Kharkiv residents are purposefully "under attack" is an example of Russian cynicism: leaving Kharkiv is not prohibited and everyone who wants to can leave the city freely.

Allegations about the Russian offensive on Kharkiv are a component of the enemy's informational and psychological operation. Its purpose is to sow panic among the residents of Kharkiv and the rest of the Ukrainians, creating a sense of an imminent disaster.

SPRAVDI noted that currently the occupiers do not have the strength to carry out such a large-scale operation.

That is why Russia has chosen a different tactic — it carries out regular terrorist attacks on the city's civilian infrastructure.

There is no danger of an attack on Kharkiv

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi said in an interview for the TV channel "We — Ukraine" on April 6 that Kharkiv is not in danger today.

Today, Kharkiv is protected not from the point of view of the sky and air defense systems — we will talk about that later — but as far as the defensive lines are concerned, our troops. Today, Kharkiv is not in danger. The Russians do not hide the fact that this is a desired goal. The entire east and south of our country is their desired goal. But today we defend Kharkiv Oblast with complete confidence.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi

Volodymyr Zelenskyi

President of Ukraine

The mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov urged "not to escalate the situation" and assured that there is no talk of evacuation from Kharkiv.

As for evacuation, yes, there is evacuation from certain parts of the Kharkiv region, where active hostilities are taking place. This does not apply to the city of Kharkiv.

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